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Download Videos from 1000+ Sites

This Stayhome Downloader supports you to download videos from a wide range of video-sharing websites, up to 1000 sites. You can are download videos to your phone and PC directly and share these downloaded videos with others from there.

Download Videos with One-Click

When you download online videos, what is most important for you? Maybe a clean interface and intuitive operation. Maybe ad-free and no bundled software. Almost all you expect for a downloader can be met here. This Stayhome Downloader supports you to download videos from a lot of websites with only one click. Simplicity has always been our pursuit.

Download Videos with More Information

Today, many people frequently explore video sharing websites and download many videos and store in their devices for offline use. In this case, we provide this online service for you to save videos. Besides, it can remain the cover, title, duration, and other information during the download process. Stayhome Downloader is quite helpful for you to locate and organize these files later.

Download Videos in few Seconds with Stayhome Downloader

You may use StayhomeHub Downloader on any apparatus, whether Android, iPhone or Windows. You may also use it on both notebooks and desktop computers. Apart from this, this online tool is also compatible with any browser. You do not need to install any program in your system or any extension in your browser.

Download Videos with 4K UHD Resolution

Considering various demands, this Stayhome Downloader offers you a range of options of video quality when you download videos from here, including 1080p, 720p, 480p and so on. But sometimes you cannot choose 1080p because of the original video quality. We promise it is always possible for you to choose a video quality just the same as the original one.

Download Files to MP3/MP4

If you want to save an interesting movie from websites for offline watching, this downloader provides many quality options for you to choose from. If you wish to download a popular music video only with the music, this online service can also help you extract the audio and save it with minimal sound quality loss. In a word, no matter you want to download a video to MP3 or MP4, this Stayhome Downloader should be your first choice.


Since video sharing websites become popular today, many people want to download videos for offline use. But when you use this Stayhome Downloader, please pay attention to the copyright. You should make sure that the video you want to download is not copyright protected. We know that most of you download videos just for offline watching. In this regard, we almost put no limit on the file you download so that you can download more videos for all kinds of non-commercial uses. Hope you enjoy this tool.

With more than 100 technical experts, our team can provide you with the fastest download speed, simplest steps, and the most comfortable design. When you use Stayhome Downloader through, we hope each of you would be satisfied with the service we provide here.

FAQ of

Where is the download file saved?

Sometimes you may have trouble locating your save files. To prevent this from happening, this Stayhome Downloader sets your download folder as the default location for saved files. You are always supposed to find the files you download here.

What is the maximum download file size?

Some downloaders may limit the number or file size you could download through their website. Unlike them, there is no limit to the number and file size when you use this Stayhome Downloader. You can also use this tool on any apparatus, whether Android, iPhone or Windows. Notebooks, desktop computers, and mobile phones are also available here.

Unable to download the video properly?

In a normal condition, you are supposed to download a file immediately after you choose a format and resolution. But sometimes, you may find that a blocker appears in front of the address, please click to allow this Stayhome Downloader to continue. Then a new window pops up, just go to the new window to continue your download.

How many files can I download at the same time?

If you do not mind a paid-version software, you may install one to download many videos at the same time. If you do mind and want to find a method to do this for free, we suggest you open some of our web pages and enter different URLs when you use this Stayhome Downloader for download.

Unable to play the download file with the Stayhome Downloader?

When we talk about the most common video and audio formats, MP3 and MP4 are very likely to be the first two words that come to your mind. In this case, this Stayhome Downloader offers these two formats for you to choose from. We believe saved files in these two formats can be successfully played on most of your devices.

When I convert YouTube videos to MP3, do they lose any sound quality?

We know that sound quality is your most concern when you convert YouTube videos to MP3 through this Stayhome Downloader, especially for those music buffs. So we also take this as one of our priorities. We are proud to say that we have maximally reduced sound quality damage during the download process.