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Picking a YouTube to MP3 has been quite important and an essential tool of late. The option to rip audio from a YouTube video and convert them onto MP3 files can prove to be a great option for enjoying your favourite tracks offline. There are several options to convert YouTube to audio.


YouTube to Audio Conversion: What you should know?


YouTube has been a powerful video sharing site and provided one of the best ways for the enthusiasts to earn some decent money by creating wonderful videos. However, listening to music can be a tough task if you aren’t in a region with proper connectivity. If you have the right type of tools, it should be quite easy to convert your videos into MP3.


There are several options available for the best experience in converting YouTube to audio, finding the best YouTube to audio converter can be a tougher task. In fact, there is one term under “Permissions and Restriction” of YouTube’ Term of Service, saying that “You are not allowed to access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except you are permitted by the Service or have prior written permission from YouTube or the respective rights holders, or permitted by applicable law” (Source: YouTube’s Term of Service).

is it legal to download youtube video?

Thus you need to focus on when downloading content from YouTube that it should not be against the rule of YouTube. It would be essential to check out the YouTube to audio converter that ideally meets your needs and focusses on satisfying those guidelines. A few other factors you may need to pay very special attention to would include audio quality, ease of use, speed, security standards and a host of other essential elements of the YouTube to audio converter you pick.

From this perspective, MP3 YouTube is a good option for most of the requirements you may have in the best YouTube to audio conversion needs.


FLVTO – The perfect Online YouTube Converter


MP3 YouTube is a perfect online YouTube converter and lets you enjoy your YouTube videos by converting YouTube videos into MP3. One of the strongest factors you would find impressive is the unlimited conversion capabilities.


Features offered by MP3 YouTube to convert YouTube video to mp3 audio:


  • A free and simple conversion option.

  • Multiple format support that lets you convert videos to MP3 and MP4 formats.

  • Support for a wide range of platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and a host of other similar services. The online tool supports more than 1000 video sharing sites.

  • High conversion and download speeds

  • An extremely easy to use and uncluttered interface.


How to Download YouTube Audio Using Online YouTube to Audio Converter?


The tool provides you access to a simple and easy to use interface in a browser-based functionality. One of the huge benefits we found rather interesting is that it does not need you to register on the site. That can be one of the prime factors for those of you who are privacy conscious if you are looking to find how to download audio from YouTube.            


Here is how you can convert YouTube to audio


  • Launch YouTube

  • Open the YouTube video that you want to download or convert into MP3.

  • Get the video URL for the video. There are several ways you can get the URL of the video. It can either be found through the browser address bar or by right-clicking on the video and picking the option Copy Video URL link and paste the video url into this box.

step 1 to download youtube to audio


  • Open MP3YouTube site on your browser.

  • Paste the video URL in the space provided

  • Click on Download button


step 2 to download youtube to audio

The software will analyse your video and provide you with the download options available for both video and audio. Under Download to MP3  tab, click the audio download options available for you. Click on Download the File option. The file will be downloaded onto your device.

You can even download your audio files in 320 Kbps if supported by the video you have chosen.


FLVTO Converter - Supported Audio and Video Formats


While MP3YouTube YouTube to audio Converter can work with an easy conversion of your YouTube videos onto audio formats, it also serves as a perfect and high-end video downloader and converter for your YouTube videos.

The YouTube video to mp3 audio converter software supported on the platform include:

  • 144p

  • 240p

  • 360p

  • 720p

  • 1080p

  • 1440p

  • 4K

If you are looking to download audio files, you can download them in MP3 in 128 Kbps and 320 kbps. Please note that the audio and video formats supported on the platform would be dependent on the videos support available on the platform.

In case you are looking to download YouTube playlist in mp3, you may need to opt for a paid software option.  


Can you convert YouTube to MP4?


Yes, MP3YouTube online converter is a great option for converting and downloading your videos as well. The free YouTube to MP4 converter and download options offered by the tool should ideally help you get access to a high-end efficiency.

It does provide you access to a wide range of advanced features that should ideally provide you with an enhanced experience. A few prime features include:

  • A faster and speedy conversion option

  • You can choose your preferred quality right from 144p to 4K depending on the video quality available on the chosen video

  • A safer YouTube to video conversion option.


The steps involved in converting your and downloading your videos would be quite simple and easy to follow. Simply pick the video URL and paste it in the interface. You can simply pick the video quality as per your preferences. The software offers you the options to download videos in varying video qualities right from 144p to 4K.


Extension: How to Listen to YouTube Offline?


The YouTube to MP3 or MP4 converter is designed keeping the demands of the people who aren’t much tech-savvy. Moreover, no need to register an account on the software, and that should be one of the strongest privacy factors in favour of the online video converter. 

On your mobile phone, you could use app and YouTube converter to listen to youtube offline: 4 Great Ways to Listen to YouTube Offline Online App.

However, we would advise you to acquire permissions from the video owners and creators when downloading copyrighted videos.

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