7 Alternatives to YTD Video Downloader

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Part 1: What Does YTD Mean?
Part 2: YTD Video Downloader: Top 3 Alternative for Windows
Part 3: YTD Video Downloader: Top 3 Alternative for Mac
Part 4: YTD Video Downloader Best Online Alternative: FLVTO
Part 5: Online YT Downloader vs . Desktop YTD Video Downloader
Part 6:  FAQs Regarding YT Downloader


Sometimes, you just want to know the alternative software or apps to a particular software or app. This is because, most times, your favorite software or app may be down and inaccessible; hence, you'd need to try an alternative that'd provide the same experience and result. Here, we're comparing the best alternatives to the YTD Video Downloader.

YTD downloader is a renowned online video downloader that helps you grab videos from various platforms and save them on your local storage.


What Does YTD Mean?


If you search the internet, you'd find several meaning of “YTD.” However, for the purpose of this article, YTD simply means “YouTube Downloader.” The YTD video downloader is a cross-platform, web-based application that allows you to convert online videos to quite various digital video formats.


YTD Video Downloader: Top 3 Alternative for Windows


Below are the top three (3) best alternatives to YTD downloader for Windows. These alternative software/apps support multiple formats and work very fast.


1. DVDFab Video Downloader


DVDFab Video Downloader


DVDFab Video Downloader is a classical software program that allows you to download videos from over 1000 sites. It is compatible with Windows OSes 7/8/10, and features a super-intuitive interface that is very easy to understand and use. More so, DVDFab Video Downloader supports multiple video and audio formats, as well as allows you to download 8K videos.


Furthermore, DVDFab Video Downloader is available as mobile app for Android smartphone users. You'll be able to download online videos in different resolutions, from 144P all the way to 4K, and even 8k. With the Turbo Speed ​​feature, DVDFab Video Downloader works 10x faster than most other similar apps.


2. iTube HD Video Downloader


iTube Downloader


The iTube HD Video Downloader is a professional software that allows you to download online videos from so many websites. It is compatible with newer Windows OS versions, and supports a “Turbo Mode” feature that guarantees 3x downloading/conversion speed.


Interestingly, this software app allows you to download videos in different qualities/resolutions. This program supports over a hundred and fifty video/audio formats, including MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, M4A, MKA, and many more. Furthermore, iTube HD Video Downloader flaunts a stylish, yet intuitive interface that provides easy access to its tools.


3. 4K Video Downloader


4K Video Downloader


As the name implies, this video downloader software lets you grab video from various platforms. It is a considerable alternative to the YTD Video Downloader. Using this software app, you can download videos from YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, Facebook, DailyMotion, Instagram, Likee, etc. The app features an intuitive interface, with the video download tools well-arranged into place.


Interestingly, this software app supports batch processing; hence, you can download multiple YouTube videos at a go. There's a portable version of this software for more flexibility if you use more than one PC. You will be able to grab videos in 1080p quality or even 4K, using this software. However, it does not support “Turbo” technology for faster conversion speed.


YTD Video Downloader: Top 3 Alternative for Mac


Just as you've seen the best YTD Downloader alternatives for Windows (above), here are the best options for MacBook users.


4. Airy YouTube Video Downloader


Airy YouTube Downloader


The Airy YouTube Video Downloader is a nice YTD downloader alternative for MacBook users. It provides a cleaner interface and seemingly includes more features. Airy YouTube Video Downloader can download and convert YouTube videos to various formats, including MP4, FLV, etc. It also supports multiple resolutions, from low-res to 4K UHD.


This YouTube video downloader can be integrated with web browser for faster downloading. More so, it resumes downloading your files from it stopped due to internet connectivity failure or whatever reasons. It is safe to use, the interface is easy to understand & navigate, and it supports batch processing.


5. Apowersoft Video Downloader


Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac


Downloading online videos on Mac using YTD video downloader is smooth and seamless. However, the Apowersoft Video Downloader tends to provide a better experience by providing more handy built-in tools and support for a wide variety of video/audio formats. The interface featured by Apowersoft Video Downloader is very easy to navigate – anyone can easily understand how the app works.


Interestingly, this software app is compatible with OS X El Capitan, as well as support batch processing; thus, you can download and convert as many video as possible at a go. Furthermore, Apowersoft Video Downloader lets you download an entire YouTube playlist in just one click. It also supports a built-in video player so you can watch your downloaded videos instantly.


6. MacX YouTube Downloader


MacX YouTube Downloader


The MacX YouTube Downloader is inarguably one of the best YTD downloader alternatives. It is a professional software that allows you to grab videos from over 300 different websites and platforms. MacX YouTube Downloader features a seemingly complicated interface, but it's still easy to understand and navigate .


If you're looking for a perfect YTD YouTube Downloader alternative, you've got a great option with the MacX downloader. It goes on to support multiple resolutions, including 720P, 1080P, 3D, and even 4K/8K. Thanks to the batch conversion support, you can load many YouTube video links into this software and download them at once.


YTD Video Downloader Best Online Alternative: FLVTO




FLVTO is a free online tool that lets you download YouTube videos across various platforms and devices. It is very easy to use and features a clean interface that anyone can easily understand. With FLVTO, you can download from over 1000 different websites. Below are some of the important features of the FLVTO online converter.


YT to MP4


YT to MP4


The FLVTO online converter allows you to convert YT to MP4 quickly. It supports various resolutions up to 4K. More so, FLVTO also supports up to 1000+ different sites.


YT to MP3


YT to MP3


FLVTO also allows you to convert YT to MP3 audio format so that you can save it on your local storage. The FLVTO YT to MP3 converter supports high-quality audio downloads. Its download and conversion speeds is convenient.


Online YT Downloader vs. Desktop YTD Video Downloader


Online YT Downloaders are accessible across platforms and devices while YTD video downloader (desktop client) works on specific computers, MacOS or Windows OS.



Online YT Downloader

Desktop YTD Video Downloader

Cross-platform support



Totally Free


Usually free trial for some days

Up to 4K support



Batch conversion



Downloads manager



Mobile smartphone support




FAQs Regarding YT Downloader


1. How To Use YT Downloader


Simply visit the website or download the software on your computer. Paste the YouTube link into the address bar on your YT downloader, and then click the “Convert” or “Download” button.


2. Is It Safe To Use YT Downloader


Yes, it is legal and safe to use YT downloader to convert YT to MP4 or YT to MP3. It works faster and does not infringe on YouTube policies. Also, YT Downloaders can grab videos from many other websites including Facebook, Vimeo, etc.


3. How To Use YTD Video Downloader On Mobile


Visit FLVTO.CH on a web browser and paste the YouTube video link on the address bar. Click on the “Convert” button and choose a resolution you wish to download. Choose an output folder and save the video.

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