Some people prefer Netflix, some others may prefer HBO Max, and so it goes - everyone has a reason for choosing a particular streaming service over another. Different streaming services offer different content and features. For example, if you want to watch more of real-life videos, Discovery Plus is the streaming service for that. But if you live in Germany and want to access more local titles, TVNow is an ideal service for you.

TVNow Streaming Service


Just like Netflix, YouTube Premium, HBO Max, and other streaming services you know, TVNow is a German streaming service that grants you access to tens of thousands of on-demand titles. The service is primarily meant for people living in Germany - also for people who understand the Dutch language. If you live do not understand the Dutch language, you would need a translator to be able to read the information and content on the TVNow network.

This streaming service is owned and managed by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. It is available as an Over-The-Top (OTT) service, and currently has three million paying subscribers. The parent company of TVNow is currently working on rebranding the service to RTL+. There are pretty many interesting titles to catch up on TVNow, including Originals, and you can download them for offline viewing.

Can I Download Shows From TVNow?

Actually, yes, you can save interesting titles for offline streaming, but this is only available with the Premium+ plan. You must be on the Premium+ plan to be able to save videos for offline viewing. Videos saved for offline viewing can be streamed while you're the go - even without an active internet connection. But, these offline videos have limitations; they can only stay in your library for a limited number of days - 30 days to be precise. More so, not all videos on TVNow can be downloaded for offline viewing.

How To Download Movies and Videos on TVNow Streaming Service

To download your favorite titles for offline streaming on TVNow, you need to meet the following requirements:

TVNow Streaming Service

l  You need to install the mobile app on your iOS 11.0 (or later), or Android device

l  You must be subscribed to the highest premium package; TVNOW PREMIUM package.

l  The download button is available for both adult and child profiles on supported devices.

l  The movie you wish to download must be eligible for offline download - not all movies can be downloaded.

Now the steps to download offline videos on the TVNow streaming service.

First Step:

Open the video you want to download and go to the format page. The download button is available on the “Format” page (on compatible devices).

Second Step:

If you’re on a “Child’s” account, you may need to enter the parental control PIN you activated for the account. As the download is ongoing, if you wish to cancel the process, tap on the “Download” button again.

All offline movies are available on the "Download" page, accessible from the menu tab.

Note: Downloaded movies are available over the course of 30 days from when they were downloaded. You can manually delete any of your downloaded movies if you wish.

MyStream TVNow Downloader

MyStream TVNow Downloader is a professional tool that allows you to grab videos and shows from TVNow. It removes all the restrictions placed on “Offline Videos” on the TVNow - allowing you to completely get the movie out of the streaming service. There are pretty many reasons to use the MyStream TVNow Downloader tool, and they are mentioned below.

Top 6 Features of MyStream TVNow Downloader

MyStream TVNow Downloader

1. Download Any Movie and TV Show From TV NOW

With this software tool you can download any video you find on TVNow, including videos that are not available for offline download on the mobile app versions.

2. Save Videos in MP4 Format and Play Them on Any Device

Interestingly, MyStream TVNow Downloader saves your movies in MP4 format, so you can easily play them back on any player you’ve got - both software and hardware players.

3. Remove Ads On TVNOW Premium plan

If you’re a TVNOW PREMIUM subscriber, using this app to download TV Now movies would remove the commercials (ads) that’d typically play in-between your streams within the app. This allows you to enjoy your favorite titles without any ads.

4. Download TVNOW Videos in 1080p and With AAC 2.0 Audio Track

MyStream TVNow Downloader downloads your videos in stunning Full HD quality, up to 1080p, along with AAC 2.0 audio. Apparently, you'd enjoy an impressive playback experience with such high-quality video and audio.

5. Grab Videos In Bulk And Fast Speed

Furthermore, this software app lets you download multiple TVNow videos at a go, and at a fast speed. In essence, you can download an entire series at once.

6. Save Metadata That Is Compatible With Your Media Server

 MyStream TVNow Downloader stands out from other TVNow Downloaders because it saves your videos along with their metadata information, which includes the movie title, caption, and thumbnail.

Here are more Downloaders that you might find helpful:

3 Steps to Download TVNow Videos Offline With MyStream TVNow Downloader

In just three steps, MyStream TVNow Downloader will save your favorite movie(s) from TVNow.

First Step:

Download and install the software on your Windows computer. After the installation, launch the app and click on the TVNow card.

First Step

Second Step:

Sign in to your TVNow account and find the series you want to download to your PC. Click on the movie title to play it; you’d get a prompt to download the movie or add it to the queue.

Second Step

Third Step:

Follow the previous step to add as many movies as you wish to your download queue. To view all ongoing downloads, click on “Task Queue.”

Third Step

You can also configure your download preferences - MyStream TVNow Downloader is actually flexible with customizable parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are detailed answers to the random questions you may want to ask about the TVNow streaming service.

1. Can I Download TVNow Movies On Computer?

No, the download function is only available on the Android and iOS mobile app versions. If you’re on PC, you can use the MyStream TVNow Downloader to download movies from the platform.

2. How Many Plans Does TVNow Offer?

The streaming service offers three plans; namely, BASIC, PREMIUM, and PREMUM+. If you’re looking to download TVNow movies for offline viewing - the function is only supported on the PREMIUM+ package.

3. Is TVNow Available On Streaming Devices?

Yes, you can get the TVNow app on Amazon Fire TV streaming device, Apple tvOS, and Android TV. Unfortunately, the app is not supported on Roku, Chromecast, and other notable hardware streaming devices.

4. How Long Does TVNow Offline Videos Last?

Offline videos on TVNow last for up to 30 days from the day you downloaded them. At the end of 30 days, the videos would expire and would be automatically deleted from your Download library. You can still re-download the videos again (if you wish).

What More?

The MyStream TVNow Downloader software is the perfect solution for downloading videos from the TVNow streaming service. More interestingly, this software tool also lets you access hundreds of other streaming services, which include Joyn and Funimation. With the MyStream Jyon Downloader and MyStream Funimation Downloader, you can download videos and content from Joyn and Funimation, respectively.

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